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Martian Colony "Trajectory"

A vocal group more than capable of funky hooks, catchy wordplay, and even rocking moments, Martian Colony seems poised on the verge of breaking. A multi–faceted multi–racial, multi-gender group, the band is comprised of G–La on vocals, Blacky Amen on guitar, Peso on bass and vocals, and Erni on guitar and vocals. With such a line up, one might be eager to compare or contrast the Colony to The Black Eyed Peas opens the door for more earnest and musical acts like (Martian) Colony to gain a foothold. And that they will with such strong and danceable tracks as “Many Days” and “Can’t Take No More”.
There's a refreshing lack of street lingo, and the overall package is accessible, and light and airy enough to attract listeners of all types of pop music...
...If Martian Colony’s live shows are as exciting as their recorded debut, this is an act with tons of possibilities. The act recently rehearsed at Long Island's Phase One Studios, so welcome to New York, cats and kittens.
-Syl Nathan

Martian Colony “Trajectory”
I hope I’m given enough space to say all the great things there is to say about this group!! NO KIDDING, this is as good as it gets. Imagine Tupac meets Outkast, meets Black Eyed Peas, meets Nas. Every joint (song in hip-hop speak), has originality, energy, and a “THING”!!! By thing I mean something I love but can’t fullyİexplain!! G–La “drops” his rhymes with power and enthusiasm. Uptown (the hook singer), is among the best! I love her urban, soulfull delivery. And how about this–a hip hop group that use's real instruments! My favorites on the album are “Many Days” (just plain huge), "Don't Sleep" (modern day west side story), and "Can't Take No More" (a reflection on the “stress of today”.)–Dan Witty

Martian Colony may have something of an unusual name but their music is certainly of this world as they effectively fuse Hip–Hop, R&B and Latin rhythms to bring something of a breath of fresh air to the game. With tracks dealing with a range of topics the group bring a versatile sound to the table as MC G–La trades his rhymes with the soulful vocals of singer, Uptown to create a sound that could easily hit on radio. Utilizing experience gained across many fields of music Martian Colony seem to have hit on a formula that could see them reach the stratospheric heights attained by acts like The Black Eyed Peas – watch the stars. -Slim


Following in the footsteps of the many that came before them, the album is a collection of melodic raps. The rhymes are catchy, and dare I say in some places actually cute. (Yes, I’m using the word cute while talking about hip–hop.) The rap is backed up with both electronic instrumentation and harmonious hooks both notably delivered. ...But if you’re looking for a fun, danceable mix of hip–hop rhyme and well delivered pleasant–sounding hooks backed with electronic music, you will probably enjoy this CD. -Connie Phillips

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