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An independent label developing talented artists.
Photon Records provides artists, economical and common-sense production and marketing services. The services are proven with a consistent and successful track record in the music industry for over 20 years. Artists and bands have enjoyed building a career in music industry, maintaining their goals and direction. Listed below are some example of services provided.

The experience of our staff provides a tremendous opportunity for artists and bands to maintain their creative direction, save money and save time.

Production Services
Photon Records offers experienced and economical "Artist Development".
Our on staff producer Steve Amend has charted many Top 40 hits in the past. Photon Artists have charted on Gavin, FMQB, CMJ and NMW charts under the production of Steve Amend. We are versitile enough to manifest the sound(s) you are after, within your budget.

Affordable Production Services
Strategic and economical planning, leading to continual success.
Photon Records specialty is delivering experience and excellence at reasonable costs. Photon Records strength is in it's pre-production and production services. Excellent production available to prepare, arrange, co-write, refine, songs for recording. As well as re-mixing and mastering. We have access to all of the latest up-to-date recording facilities, graphics, and production services any artist or label may need.

Recording Studios:
Digital Recording ProTools 8-10 and Logic 9.1. Engineering and Mastering done on premises.
24 track Analog, tracking 2 inch tape.
Experienced Engineer who has been working in the field for 10 years, currently records for major labels, and has freelanced at many major recording studos in Manhattan including The Power Station. Also having Top 40 hits to his credits.
Mastering you may choose from three of our mastering professionals.

Full Graphics Department
Experienced and able to meet any production need!
Photon Record specializing in CD jackets, local and national advertising campaigns and website production. We have relationships established with local printing and packaging outlets, that offer fast turn around at reasonable prices. In summmary we may take an artist at any level and develop them for larger markets.

Convenient touring service to arrange and assist bands and club owners with booking shows
Photon Records has a dedicated staff to arrange and assist bands and club owners with booking shows for Photon acts at local, regional, and national venues. Feel free to contact our experienced booking staff by phone 631.243.2941 or email:
For local and regional booking and promotions, contact: Jackie Chazey
For regional, national touring/media relations, contact: Robert Henry

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